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Big Bang | Universe is expanding


A theist once said “most people cannot even organise a cheque book and you consider them both conscious and intelligent. But here we have a force that is organizing the entire cosmos, including trillions and trillions of species on the planet earth alone, and their environments, but somehow this force is neither conscious nor intelligent. Does that really make sense to you?”

Our universe is expending. This is a scientific fact. Now what can we deduce from this fact? We can deduce that, if we peer back into time, our universe would get smaller and smaller the further we look back. Thus the universe was at one point a “singularity” as famous physicist Stephan Hawking has named it. The phenomenon that caused this singularity to expand is called the Big Bang. Two scientists, Dr. Arno A. Perzias and Dr. Robert W. Wilson won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR). CMBR is the remnants of radiations remaining as a result of the Big Bang. The static that you hear on your radio when you change the channels is your radio picking up that background radiation’s sound wave. Therefore the Big Bang theory is only theory in exactly how the Big Bang happened. That a big explosion took place is ot question amongst scientists.

Explosions are generally used for destruction, yet this explosion CONSTRUCTED the universe. The constructive explosions that we know of today are planned and executed by intelligent living beings, humans. How much more intelligent is the being that constructed the universe from an explosion? But all explosions, whether destructive or constructive, have a cause. And there are two types of causes, mechanical and personal.

A mechanical cause is like a pool stick hitting the cue ball, which hits that 8 ball and goes into the pocket. A personal cause has free will, so it would be the man who used the pool stick to hit the cue ball. Now all mechanical causes REQUIRE a personal cause, because pool won’t hit each other without a free willed personal cause which is outside of a mechanical system. The Big Bang is a mechanical cause which began a mechanical system. Photons began to cause friction and heat, and protons and electrons combined to form hydrogen atoms. This is the beginning of the Big Bang, but photons, protons and electrons do not have free will. They don’t move by themselves, thus a personal cause is REQUIRED for the process to begin.

Many atheists will attempt to find affects which do not have a personal cause. They postulate that the wind blows without cause, lightening flashes without cause and star explodes without cause. The problem is that all these elements of nature exist in a mechanical system. Though stars are billions of years old and their explosion may come after billions of years, this does not negate that its explosion was caused. As an explosion is an effect, it must have a cause. Its cause was the Big Bang and the formation of the universe, which warranted it a set lifespan. At the end of that lifespan it explodes or implodes. You see, there is a rule which pertains to something coming into existence. That is, everything that comes into existence has a cause. Things do not pop up out if thin air. Have you ever set in your room and pony just appeared from nowhere? No and this will never happen.

Did lightening or wind always exist? The answer is no. Thus it requires a cause. Does lightening decide where it will strike? Does the wind decide which way it will blow? They both are subject to the laws of nature. They do not have free will. The same is true of any chemical reaction or the combining of any chemicals. They don’t decide to combine themselves arbitrarily. All the elements follow a process, a system and systems necessitates a personal cause. For example, I hit golf ball that goes through a tube. Then the golf ball hits a button that starts a fan, which turns on a radio. What some are doing is staying fixated on the fan and the radio. My point is that none of the system will work without a personal cause hitting that golf ball at the beginning. And you can add what you like in my system, like a chair falls that hits the gold ball. The system still requires a personal cause to have the chair move. Or let’s say the gold ball goes in the tube and it makes a sound that wakes the neighbour’s dog. The sound waves may be unintentional, but they are not free willed. They still require a cause. I mention this because some atheists, realizing their dilemma have suggested that creation may have be an accident done by the Creator. Their acknowledgement makes them a deist, and we will be soon see whether this universe and its existence were planned or not. But we can go a bit further with the formation of the universe.

We can go ahead of the Big Bang. Scientists tell us that the universe is 13.8 billion years old. That means that 13.8 billion years and one second ago, that universe DID NOT EXIST. It came into existence and everything that comes into existence has a CAUSE. Some atheists have used an idea called infinite regress as an alternative to the Big Bang origin of the universe. This idea suggested that the universe has always existed, but this is no more that faith. It is a belief without prove or evidence. It is what some people wish and hope is true. Belief in infinite regress is a religion and a completely unscientific one at that, due to the fact that the universe is almost 13.8 billion years old. And scientists know the approximate age of the universe by studying the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) in the universe’s atmosphere. So before the Big Bang, nothing that we see, hear, smell, taste or feel existed. Nothing in the universe existed. This universe, and everything in it, was non-existent.

Credit and Reference: I.D.Campbell

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