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November 18, 2017
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April 3, 2018

Dawah to Christians

Tip 1: Have the correct intention (sincerely for Allah)
Tip 2: Keep It Simple Silly (K.I.S.S)
Tip 3: Be polite and humble (don’t be condecending or call them a disbeliever)
Tip 4: Be systematic, not anything that comes to mind
Tip 5: Avoid controversial topics, focus on One God

How to Invite Christians to Islam | Easy Technique | Part 1

How to Invite Christians to Islam | Easy Technique | Part 2

The basic concept of Christianity: God bore a son who was Himself and He allowed Himself to be sacrificed to Himself to free humankind of their sins.

A Simple Approach
Logic: A=B, B=C, therefore A=C
Ask the Christian: “Could you ever become God?”
He should reply: “No, because I am a human being.”
Ask the Christian: “Was Jesus a human being?”
He should reply: “Yes.”
Inform the Christian: “Therefore, he could never be God.”

The Baby God
Christian insists that Jesus was the son of God, but that he and God are one and the same.
Inform the Christian: “Cows have calves; little cows. Cats have kittens; little cats.
Humans have children; little humans. When God has a son, what is he? A little God? If
so, you have two Gods.”

For Catholics (Most Filipinos) who say: ³Jesus was the son of God and not God.´
Ask the Catholic: “Don’t you say: Holy Mary Mother of God in your novena?”
He should reply: “Yes”
Ask the Catholic: “If Mary was the Mother of God, what was her son but a god?”
Ask the Catholic: “Where is Mary referred to as Mother of God in the New Testament?
Ask the Catholic: “Can God have a mother?”

Distinguish between Jesus and God
Ask the Christian: “When Jesus prayed, to whom did he pray? Himself?”
Ask the Christian: “When Jesus was resurrected, according to your beliefs, where is he
now? Sitting on the right hand of God? If so, how could he be God?”

Question to Christian: Do you believe that Jesus is God? Or that Jesus was sent by God?
If they answer “sent by God” you can tell them that there is only one religion today that says he was sent by God, and that is ISLAM! They will be shocked. (Tell them that Christianity today believes Christ WAS God, IE. Trinity, the Father, son and holy ghost, so their belief is closer to Islam than Christianity).

* Note: There is a 3rd option that they could say, that Jesus(pbuh) was both SENT by God, AND God! Yes, very confusing indeed! If they say this, you need to make sure you say it back to them so they can how ridiculous that statement is. God sending himself?! I thought he was the Son? Who sent who? Who was in Heaven when “God” was on Earth? Did God die when Jesus(pbuh) died?

No Muslim can be a Muslim unless he believes in Jesus Christ.

Islam also says  that Jesus was The Messiah, he was born to a virgin-mother – Mary… “The Messiah, son of Mary, was no other than a messenger; messengers before him had indeed passed away.” [Quran 5:75]

And he did many miracles with the power of God. “…with miracles and wonders and signs which God performed through Him…” [Bible Acts 2:22]

“And We gave unto Jesus, son of Mary, clear miracles” [Quran 2:87]

NOTE: NO WHERE in the Bible does Jesus(pbuh) ever say himself that he is God, or that he told people to worship him. (The Christian will never be able to give you a direct single verse to back up his claim, but rather obscure verses said by third party persons, and out of context.)


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