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April 15, 2017
How To Make Others Dream Your Dream
May 6, 2017

The Confusion about Kindness in delivering Quality

What is kindness? Is it accepting substandard work or is it insisting that only the best
quality is acceptable? There is often a lot of confusion about this and people think that
they are being kind when they say nothing to their group members, family or friends who
routinely over promise and under deliver. I want to distinguish here between inability and
unwillingness. If someone is learning English I wouldn’t discard something he had written
because it had spelling and grammatical errors. But if the same work comes from someone
who knows English well, then it indicates an attitude of carelessness and inattention to
quality, which is a reflection, not of their language ability but of a much more dangerous
malaise of an attitude of lack of attention to detail.

Quality is serious. Lack of quality is deadly. Lack of quality happens simply because we
permit it. It happens because we don’t insist on quality. It happens because we accept
poor quality, most often in the name of being kind and compassionate. Not realizing of
course that there is nothing more unkind and unjust than accepting poor quality. It fools
the provider into believing that his/her product or service is good enough. It takes away
their incentive to improve and makes them vulnerable to collapse. This is not kindness but
a lack of understanding of the whole issue of quality which has very long term and very
destructive effects. Unfortunately our society is full of examples of people who don’t keep
their word, don’t deliver on promises, don’t work to high standards and give ridiculous
excuses when challenged. People who confuse effort with result, while it is only results
that count.

Nobody owns knowledge and it increases only when you share it.

I believe that all knowledge is from Allah. I know something because others shared
their knowledge with me. So I share what I know freely. The theory of planting. One
result of this philosophy is that I haven’t made a cold call in 10 years. All my business
is either repeat business or client referral. I have a highly credible group of friends
promoting me. Now what’s the value of that eh? More later on my philosophy of Give
to Get. If you want a secular name for it try Newton’s 3rd Law. I call it Islam. Same
principle. Allah made it. Newton might have discovered it.


Plant seeds for whatever you want to harvest. So ask yourselves what you want to
harvest. Then plant those seeds. I believe that the seed that leaves my hand does not
leave my life. It goes into my future and multiplies. And unless it leaves my hand it
can do nothing. So anything that leaves my hand and gets planted in my life is my
seed. Anything that I retain in my hand is my harvest.

We need to be able to give up what we have to get what we have been promised.
Nothing leaves the heavens until something leaves the earth. When we give Allah
what we can see, He gives us what we can’t see.

Only ‘Winners’ are rewarded in life. So every time we ask for a blessing we get a
difficulty. Difficulties don’t come to harm us. They come to open the doors of
blessings for us. If there was no Goliath, David would have remained a shepherd boy.

Credits: Yawar Baig


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