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July 24, 2015
Amazing Nature 05- Dawahflix
August 12, 2015

Give to Get

Amazing Nature 05- Dawahflix

It’s amazing how Allah created this world networked so that the only way to get, is to give. Give to Get. Want respect? Give love. Want influence? Give support. Want wealth? Give quality. Want wisdom? Give time. Want clarity? Give thought. Want power? Give service. Want peace? Give justice. What you have in your hand is the harvest. What you plant is the seed. Hang on to what you have and that’s all you’ll have. You want more? Then plant what you have. Give up what you have so you can get more. That’s the only way to get more. So you see this is not utopia. Its hard reality. Even if you want to see it as pure selfishness the rule is still the same.

I learnt this lesson early and practiced it all my life. I’ve freely shared all that I know. Sure I charged a professional fee but I gave it free to those who couldn’t pay. Even to those who paid I ensured I gave more than they paid for. Some people always told me that I’m a fool to give away my intellectual property free. I always ignored them. After all who wants to listen to someone who calls you a fool eh?

I have never considered what I know as my property alone. Nobody owns knowledge and it increases only when you share it.

I believe that all knowledge is from Allah. I know something because others shared their knowledge with me. So I share what I know freely. The theory of planting. One result of this philosophy is that I haven’t made a cold call in 10 years. All my business is either repeat business or client referral. I have a highly credible group of friends promoting me. Now what’s the value of that eh? More later on my philosophy of Give to Get. If you want a secular name for it try Newton’s 3rd Law. I call it Islam. Same principle. Allah made it. Newton discovered it.


Planting Seeds

Plant seeds for whatever you want to harvest. So ask yourselves what you want to harvest. Then plant those seeds. I believe that the seed that leaves my hand does not leave my life. It goes into my future and multiplies. And unless it leaves my hand it can do nothing. So anything that leaves my hand and gets planted in my life is my seed. Anything that I retain in my hand is my harvest.

We need to be able to give up what we have to get what we have been promised. Nothing leaves the heavens until something leaves the earth. When we give Allah what we can see, He gives us what we can’t see.

Only ‘Winners’ are rewarded in life. So every time we ask for a blessing we get a difficulty. Difficulties don’t come to harm us. They come to open the doors of blessings for us. If there was no Goliath, David would have remained a shepherd boy.

Believing that you can get without giving is fantasy. That’s how the family got destroyed in America. That’s why the present financial crisis in the world. People trying to get for themselves and others be damned. The world does not work that way you see. The formula is, you want to get, then give. You want a bag of grain, then plant the handful that’s in your hand. If you don’t plant you can’t harvest. Simple. But we have been conditioned to believe that life is not simple. So we need to break out of our conditioning and re-think all the stuff that we’ve been brought up on.

References: Excerpt from Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig Publications


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