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How To Make Others Dream Your Dream

So what is this strange inspiration that some people have which enables them to continue to
work towards a goal that is often invisible to everyone else? Needless to say, this blog post
does not contain the answer. It is more an attempt to share the questions in the belief that
often the answer lies within ourselves and we have to search for it individually.

Inspiration to me is not something that comes like a bolt out of the blue and takes the
unsuspecting soul unawares. Inspiration is often the result of a great deal of dissatisfaction
with the current state that leads to honest questioning about the purpose of life and deep
reflection and a sustained inner struggle with the real issues that one faces in one‟s life. This
is sometimes very painful and never easy to do. But when one stays with the questions long
enough, the answers start to appear.

These answers again are not in the form of clear cut road maps but more like a hazy sign, on
a dark and misty night, seen at the very edge of the limit of your headlights. You can just
about make out the direction it is pointing in. All the rest is up to you and your ingenuity.
And it does not tell you anything about the difficulties of the path. One common factor that
you can rely on is the fact that there will be difficulties. That is something that I believe the
potential leader can bet on. The trick is to understand what to do with the difficulty when
you are faced with it.

The common tendency is to moan and groan and say, “Why me?” Not so common is to be
happy to face the difficulty since you believe it indicates the promise of reward, once you
can surmount it. A method that I use is to ask what this difficulty has been sent to teach me.
This comes from my belief that nothing happens by accident and that all of life is a prepared
plan that is unfolding and that I am the one who has the exciting task of walking the path as
it appears before me. So every difficulty comes with a fortune cookie inside that tells you
what the lesson is, provided you can get to it. Blaming others for creating the difficulty or
carping about it only indicates that you are not ready to become a real leader yet.

When we question the purpose of the difficulty and ask, „What can I learn from this?‟ we
find that our perspective takes on a whole new meaning. We are no longer grounded in the
negativity of blaming and feeling sorry for ourselves but are freed to look for creative and
new ways of overcoming the difficulty. The enormity of the task itself becomes the biggest
motivator, as one is conscious only of the prospect of great reward. The fact that this is not
easy, then becomes easy to accept and understand, and one even says, “If it was easy, I
wouldn‟t want it. It would not make the victory so sweet!‟

Interestingly, the route to the state of grace is through great effort. It is a path that is difficult
and strewn with the wrecks of those that went before. It is easy to see this in physical
examples of martial arts, sports and other physical-skill related things. The reality is, that it
is the same path in challenges of the mind and of the spirit. And very often, in the latter
events the route is even more difficult, for the goal is in the wining of people‟s hearts and
the change is in their minds.

Dreaming in Red” by Rob Unreall is licensed under CC BY-SA

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