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October 2, 2015
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October 19, 2015

Origin of Life

Qur’an 65:2-3

The important question here is ”origin of life” because there is no point of talking about species that have changed with time and adjusted to weather conditions, this is not something religion has denied and spoken against. Religion even gives hints about creatures that lived before human, also it talks about ancient people living longer and looking different to us (people of Ad were taller for example). So lets focus on origin of life to debate God.

Speaking of the origin of life,

Every DNA from the tiny mosquito to a human being has 1000s of complex functional proteins. What are the odds that a functional protein or a minimally complex cell would arise by chance given the available probabilistic resources?

When you calculate the seconds since Big Bang (10^16), the number of elementary particles (10^80) and the possible interactions per second (10^43). The total number of events that could have taken place in the observable universe since the origin of the universe would be 10^139. (calculated by Demski)

If every event in the universe over its entire history were devoted to producing combinations of amino acids of the correct length in a prebiotic soup, the number of combinations this produced would still represent a tiny fraction less than 1 out of a trillion trillion of a total number of events needed to have a 50 percent chance of generating a functional protein. Imagine having more than 3000 such functional proteins in the right place at the right duty? its impossible this could happen by random chance.

A minimally complex cell needs at least 250 proteins of, on average, 150 amino acids and that the probability of producing just one such protein is 1 in 10^164. Then the probability of producing all necessary proteins needed to service a minimally complex cell is 1 in 16^164 multiplied by itself 250 times (remember some cell has 3000 then its multiplied by 3000). This is unrealistically and unimaginably impossibly to happen randomly. (Experiments based on Alex and Hoyle)

the probability of finding a functional protein by chance alone is a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times smaller than the odds of finding a single specified particle among all the particles in the universe.

Axes improved estimate of how rare functional proteins are within ”sequence space” has now made it possible to calculate the probability that a 150 amino acid compound assembled by random interactions in a prebiotic soup would be a functional protein. This calculation can be made by multiplying the three independent probabilities by one another: the probability of incorporating only peptide bonds (1 in 10^45), probability of incorporating only left-handed amino acids (1 in 10^45) and probability of achieving correct amino-acid sequencing (using Axes 1 in 10^74 estimate). Making that calculation gives a dramatic answer. The odds of getting even one functional protein of modest length (150 amino acids) by chance from a prebiotic soup is no better than 1 chance in 10^164.

So if you believe there is no intelligent Design behind every creation on earth, its like your believing a person can flip a coin more than some trillion times and get the same result every time. (its even worse because a coin has at least only two probabilistic resources or chance hypothesis but the prebiotic soup had uncountable amount of probabilistic resources)

If you study DNA and its sequence hypothesis, also understand the specific tasks in the given proteins, amino acids and RNA you will need to have more faith to believe that there is no God than believing in a God.

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