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May 13, 2017
Eid Mubarak
June 27, 2017

Ramadan 2017

Again, this year, Allah azza wa jal has blessed His servants
with the splendid month of Ramadan. The month
of seeking forgiveness and hastening towards
Paradise is back. The month of strengthening our
relationship with the Almighty Creator and His
book, the Quran, is back. The month of Badr, the
conquest of Makkah and Jihad is back.

There is an amazing aura and energy that
surrounds us in this month, enabling us to be a
better person than the rest of the year. No matter
how heavy one sleeps, Ramadan empowers you
to wake up for Suhoor halfway through the night.
No matter how fond you are of eating, Ramadan
keeps you away from eating and drinking in
these long summer days. No matter how far you
are from the Quran, you try to listen and pay
attention in the Taraweeh prayers. No matter how
stingy you are, in Ramadan you try to give some
charity. No matter how errant you are, you try to be better;
you try minimizing the music, television
and sinning in this month.

The Beautiful Message

Ramadan has a message for you; if you can
keep away from such vital things as eating and
drinking for the sake of Allah, you can resist
the temptation to sin, for His sake. Just like how
you were eager on praying in Ramadan, you can
observe prayers throughout the year. The training
program has strengthened you enough to keep
you away from evil and control your Nafs, even
after Ramadan is over. You do have that tendency
to do good; just will it and keep it going!

Ramadan is a month filled with blessings and
mercy. Any good deed you do gets multiplied
many times over, so don’t miss out on collecting a
mountain of good deeds.

Give more and more…

Want to see the barakah and blessings in your life
increase manifold? Give charity. Want to see your
duas answered? Give charity. Why? Because sins
form a barrier between you and dua; and charity
extinguishes those sins like water puts off fi6re
[At-tirmidhi]. Imagine your sins getting removed
because of the charity you gave, in turn, increasing
your chances of duas being answered! It’s a winwin
situation overall!

Imagine having a clean book of
deeds with no sins against your

Ramadan, the month of generosity, the month of
giving, and the month that knows no limits! This
is the month wherein we truly experience a taste
of what the less fortunate struggle with on a daily
basis; hunger and thirst, thereby we become
more thoughtful and benevolent towards them.

Charity, or sadaqah, is an integral aspect of a
Muslim’s life, during and beyond Ramadan. From
repelling calamities to healing the sick, to the
forgiveness of our sins, the virtues of sadaqah
extend beyond one’s imagination, highlighting
the encompassing mercy of Allah

(1). Charity is without a doubt more special during Ramadan
as rewards are multiplied without measure;
hence, spending in the way of Allah is a greatly
recommended act during the blessed month, one
that we should not miss out on!

Reference & Credits: iOU Article Contributors

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