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September 3, 2015
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Islam means submission so when a Muslim writes about Islam he does so from that perspective. This is often the most difficult step to take; to submit ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our will, our feelings and emotions, thoughts and logic to the will of Allah. Submit unquestioningly and with complete acceptance and trust that His way is the best and that in it lies our own success in this both worlds.

Islam invites the individual to reflect that security is inversely proportional to freedom. That is the reason though a seatbelt restricts movement, it is precisely this restriction that is the reason for saving life. So also all safety measures restrict freedom and functionality to some degree but provide essential safety and security. The one who recognizes the value of the ‘restriction’ actually welcomes it and invites others to wear seatbelts. So also in Islam, the Muslim recognizes that in submitting to the ‘restrictions and rules’ of Islam lies his own benefit in this world and deliverance in the Aakhira. The one who wants freedom

from seatbelts is opening himself to grievous injury, even death in the event of a crash, so also someone who refuses to recognize Allah(SWT) is opening himself to the embarrassment of facing Him on the Day of Judgment and realizing too late that what he had been told all through his life in the world was not fantasy or imaginary but fact. That is why Islam emphasizes submission to such an extent that even worship is to be done in a prescribed manner.

One can’t worship Allah(SWT) in any way that one may wish. One has to do it in the way shown to Rasoolullah(SAW) by Allah(SWT) and by Rasoolullah(SAW) to us. Any worship that is done without following the prescribed way is not acceptable. Naturally the same principle of submission extends to every single aspect of life, both private and public. Islam is not about our private space alone. It is about our public life, about our relations with society, our dealings, manners & legal framework.

This is logical because Allah’s instructions naturally must extend to all aspects of life and cannot be restricted to some rituals of worship alone. Islam prescribes what is good for all of society, Muslim or not and prohibits what is bad for society. It is the general good which is the uppermost concern.

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